Introducing Chelsea Raglon, REALTOR®

Welcome Chelsea Raglon

Introducing... Chelsea Raglon, REALTOR®

Chelsea Raglon, a dedicated real estate professional, was born in Richmond, VA, and has been a proud resident of the Hampton Roads area for her entire life. Displaying a deep-rooted passion for the region, Chelsea is a steadfast advocate for its ongoing development and growth. Clients who have had the privilege of working with Chelsea often describe their interactions as profoundly personable, noting her unwavering commitment to their best interests. In every transaction, Chelsea goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients not only see her as their real estate agent but also as their trusted partner.

Having successfully guided a diverse clientele, including first-time homebuyers, military families, and sellers, Chelsea has consistently optimized each family's real estate journey. Her charismatic demeanor, genuine approach, and unwavering focus on results have earned her a reputation as a highly effective professional in the industry. Beyond her career achievements, Chelsea is a devoted mother to an elementary-aged daughter, whose admiration serves as a driving force in her pursuit of excellence. Eager to continue her professional growth and deepen her community connections, Chelsea remains committed to expanding her impact and fostering lasting relationships in the Hampton Roads area.

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