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Search Schools in Virginia Beach is the #1 resource site for information on Virginia Beach Public Schools. Each school has its own page complete with photos, SOL scores, reviews, brief summary, and contact info.

Search Elementary, Middle, and High Schools without having to go through hundreds of webpages. Everything you need is on one page! You can even read reviews and ratings of each school. This is a great tool for any parent looking to know more about the Public Schools in Virginia Beach.

 School Facts                                 

Total School/ Centers:   85
Elementary Schools:      56
Middle Schools:            14
High Schools:                11
Charter School:             1

Specialty Learning Center
Adult Learning Center
Advanced Technology Center
Renaissance Academy
Technical and Career Education Center


Student Facts                              

Student Enrollment: 68,408 (k-12)
Caucasian: 52.1%
Black/African American: 23.8%
Hispanic/Latino: 9.8%
Multirace: 7.9%
Asian: 5.6%
Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander: 0.5%
Female: 48.8%
Male: 51.2%
Economically Disadvantaged: 33.3%
Gifted: 11.7%
Limited English Proficiency: 1.8%
Students with Disabilities: 10.2%